Is it normal for your key to not work once you replace the ignition lock? on 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

Had a recall on the ignition lock on my chevy cobalt. Letter said it would be repaired at no cost which I verified when I dropped my car off for service. Chevy dealership is trying to make me pay $37.40 for a new key becuase my key no longer works now that they put the new parts in. Are they scamming me?

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sounds like it but for 38.00 i wouldn't complain to much
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No cost is NO COST!! I would not pay one dime. Do you still have the letter? Read it again and make sure it said no cost.
Take it to the dealer and ask them to explain why you owe for any parts. Should be a phone number on the letter to call, call it!
the key code may just be flat worn out from all the use
All they had to do is replace the lock cyl. and program another key that had to be included in the recall.
2008, ign. lock was prob. still working ok. /Ask for your old key back! Get back to us on this.
Do you only have ONE key for the car? ...If you have another one , try it and see how that one works. And please do reply with the out come or any other concerns.
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