is it normal for the head lamp to have condisation in them only one side dealer on 2012 Kia Soul

is this normal for this car or any car for that matter

Asked by for the 2012 Kia Soul
It is not normal. The headlight assemblies need to be water tight because of the type of halogen bulb that they use. The dealer should replace it for you if you are still under warranty....they will however need to see the condensation in the light & may need to take a picture of it that way in order to warranty it for you. I hope this helps.

Steve Bazar
Your Car Specialists
this has all been done but still denied warranty thanks very much court time
Go above the dealer and call the Kia of America customer assistance number. The dealer is not the last word. The phone number should be in your owners manual. Also remember that you are in need of something when you call not them. in my past experiencese in the dealership world most people just saw big company and would start yelling. Start out by complimenting them about the quality of your vehicle and that you really love driving don't start with anything close to "I was going to buy another one!!!".....everybody uses that one!!! Ha Ha...hope this helps
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