is it normal for the exhaust to smoke white after changing the spark plugs. on 1999 Lincoln Navigator

it was not smoking before the change. When we pulled the plugs out there was oil/brown liquid. The vehicle has 217,000 miles on it and I bought it from a gentleman who has owned it for about eight to nine years, he has never changed the plugs. It was missing a little bit so I decided to change them and that what I found and when we started it up after wards it smoked real bad. Will it go away or should I take it in and have it checked.

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WHITE SMOKE USUALLY IS THE RESULT FROM HEAD GASKET LEAK. If your are able to smell an antifreeze smell , t

hen that will confirm head gasket leak. GOOD LUCK. AND NO IT IS NOT NORMAL AND I DO NOT THINK IT WILL GO AWAY. You should have it checked by an experienced mechanic.