Is it necessary to change the water pump & timing belt @ 100,000 miles? on 2004 GMC Canyon

I will be taking a long trip in the near future and want to make sure the truck is properly serviced before leaving.

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I always suggest changing seals, water pump, tensioners ect... when doing a timing belt if replacing the timing belt on a car where the timing belt replacement is a very labor intensive operation. Say for example the timing belt change interval is "change belt every 100,000 miles". If you have 100,000 miles on the engine now you are expecting the oil seals and water pump to last until 200,000 miles. If the oil seal, idler bearings or water pump fail before that you must duplicate all the labor to replace a component that was axcessable during the initial labor operation, and of course cars never fail or break down at a convenient time or place. Of course economics come into play and a persons finances may not be able to cover such a comprehensive preventative maintainence.
Canyon have timing chain no timing belt