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2000 Jeep Wrangler Question: Is it my fuel pump?

When just starting after sitting for awhile, need to crank engine for several seconds to get it to start. Found out if I turn the key for 5-10 seconds, then will start easier. Fuel pump issues is what I think. Any tips on how to replace? Novice mechanic. -
Answer 1
This is a fuel pressure issue most likely. When you shut off the engine, there is a valve (check valve) that prevents the pressure from dropping, and this is to prevent the problem you are experiencing. In many cars this check valve is connected to the fuel pump, and it may or may not be available separately. A leaking fuel injector can also cause this problem. Have the fuel pressure checked and the residual pressure after the pump is turned off, this should be done with the engine warmed up. Let us know what you end up finding out! Good Luck! -
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