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2007 Ford Taurus Question: is it hard to change spark plugs on tauruss

car is running rough acts like not getting enough gas engine light on check charging system light came on codes says coil misfire is it spark plugs never been changed has 129,000 miles -
Answer 1
Probably is spark plugs. Get code read at auto parts store like autozone or advance and post code on here. The front plugs are easy located under the engine dust cover. The rear plugs are harder but can be done with proper instruction. Get engine code read first and repost so we can properly direct you. They read codes for free and give you the copy. -
Comment 1
Definitely way overdue for plugs-I've never had them go beyond 80K.Replacing them would be the first step.If it still runs rough after that,it is likely to be the coil. Whether it is hard or not,depends on your mechanical skill and experience.One needs the proper tools,a sense of how tight to make them,as well as knowing that a bit of anti-seize should be applied to the threads. As indicated,the fronts aren't too bad to do.The rears can be a bit daunting,since several parts have to be removed or disconnected. -
Comment 2
codes read said coil misfire- primary/secondary multipolar misfire- 2-3 misfire -
Comment 3
It still could just be used up spark plugs. Replace them first and see if the engine runs normally. If not, thie spark plugs ignition coils will probably need replaced on cylinders 2 and 3. -