2003 Ford Escape Q&A

2003 Ford Escape Question: is it easy to change alternator on a 2003 escape XLT 6cyl

do i need to remove other parts to replace alternator -
Answer 1
this is a very hard alternator to replace. have to get under to remove some bolts. best to get it to a shop. -
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Your tellin me, worst part is I just bought the car less than 4 months ago didn't show up on inspection of vehicle. Not a happy camper. My first chance to get away for the wknd this whole past year and new car dies on way home friday. My 1998 mountaineer cost me a fortune and then the repairs until tranny went that was last straw. Loyal to ford but after this I don't think I'll do it again. Thanx for your answer have someone comeing to fix today hopefully. -