Is cost of $6500 to "replace" a "leaking transaxle" on Lex RX400h reasonable? on 2006 Lexus RX400h

Took vic in for 100k service and, along with other expected service, they came back with a "leaking transaxle" quoting cost of $6500 to repair. Vic stored in clean garage nightly with no sign of leaking beyond normal A/C condensation. No other indications/manifestations. Service mgr says leaking found after pulling wheels - cannot be repaired due to sealed transaxle, must be replaced. In addition to expected brakes and tires, plus steering column "stints that are failing to lubricate" ($1400 to replace column or temp lub for $484 with replacement inevitable) - total cost nearing $10K for a religiously (dealership) maintained vehicle. I'm feeling potentially abused.

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you should seek another est from another dealer and compare, or better yet a certified aaa repair shop