2000 Toyota Avalon Q&A

2000 Toyota Avalon Question: Is a Transmission Flush needed at 84000 miles.

Toyota dealer says in addition to the Transmission Flush, he says I need Power Steering Flush. Total for both services is about $320.00. I have no problems with any of the above systems. -
Answer 1
Yes it is necesary. It is called Preventive Maintenance. In fact i would done that mutch earlier.Like your engine needs oilchange all others systems that use oil or fluid the fluid needs to be replaced .Including your brake system. -
Answer 2
Make sure whoever does the service uses BG chemicals to flush. -
Comment 1
Yes ! I use BG products myself for almost 10 years. They great products and the company stands behind to they products even with warranty to your engine - tranmission- cooling system- brake system and power steering and they pay for repairs in case of malfunction while you using they products. -
Comment 2
Thanks for the advice. Will do. -
Answer 3
i agree with both guys, preventive maintenance is the answer before there is any issues. i would follow thw dealer recomendations. Roy -
Answer 4
That price is not bad. I would also ask about a brake flush. -