is a 2003 mercedes e320 a good choice for a first car? on 2004 Mercedes-Benz E320

Or is it a bad choice? Im 19 years old, i saved alot of money after i graduated highschool and started working. I really love mercedes, its my dream car, but alot of people tell me its a horrible choice due to the cost to maintain it?. Please i need help!

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They are money pits after 50,000 miles! Stay away from European makes until you have deep pockets! Just the plain facts, i see it all the time. They are sharp rides but dont buy one as your first car IMO.....maybe 'try' to dream about Asian or American cars for awhile..
So is that why 03-04 e320 or e500 with 100,000 miles or less sell for cheap prices?
I've just seen way too many people VERY disappointed with these vehicles! I will stop there!
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agree with pushrod beteer have deep pockets
Do you want status or a dependable car? Consumer reports 'used car buyers guide' might help you with your decision.
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