Is 72,000 miles too soon for starter repair. My battery and alternator are fine. on 2006 Honda Ridgeline

Had to jump it yesterday and ran diagnostic today indicating possible low voltage starter problem. After jumping and driving car today it seems to behave normally. As soon as it was connected with jumper cables it fired up. Ran errands and each time it cranked fine. I have used Honda Conyers where I bought it for all maintenance and repair.

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If it's the original Honda battery , it's probably got a bad cell. What is the voltage drop when cranking?
I replaced the battery with a heavy duty battery 3 years ago. It is 100%. I did read that there is a switch that can mimic a bad starter. I have been driving the truck for 2 days since I had the cranking problem and it has not failed to crank again and I have done a lot of errands. I plan to take it to my Honda dealership to be checked. They have always been fair and honest. Thanks for your reply to my question. If you discover anything else I would appreciate hearing from you.
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Just an opinion here: Invest in a duel rate battery charger and give the battery a good long slow charge every now and again. If you run a lot of short trips with your car it might just be that it is not getting a full charge from all of the short trips you make. I have my original battery in my 2005 Toyota and I do the charge thing every few months and so far so good.
That's a fantastic suggestion. Will do. By the way. The truck is still having no problem. I am wondering if something was left on that drained just enough juice to require a boost.