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2000 Dodge Caravan Question: Is $1500+ reasonable cost to replace evaporator?

My Dodge dealer mechanic says I have a hole in the evaporator and need a new one. $600 for labor and $60 for evaporator, plus incidentals for a total of over $1500. Is this worth fixing or should I look into buying a new car? -
Answer 1
That's on the high end of the RepairPal RepairPrice estimate range, but it is still pretty close. Very expensive labor. -
Answer 2
I believe it take about 7.3 hours to replace the evaporator core add additional time for evacuation and other associated repairs. $60 for the core sounds very reasonable. -
Answer 3
i paid 1100.00 all labor. . . its cheaper than a car payment/ but after 5 yrs. of putting up with sweating, i broke down! i have 2000 caravan..fully loaded! buyers? lol -