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International Motors Incorporated
May 02, 2010

I was extremely disappointed with how I was treated by both International Motors (and General Motors as they owned Saab until recently) so I feel obligated to tell the world of my experience. About 15 months and 15,000 miles ago, International Motors Saab under Warranty replaced the transmission on my 2001 9-5 Saab Wagon with what I was told was new transmission. At the time I had to pay the $1575 labor but Saab/GM supplied the transmission. At the 70K service in February at International, where we bought the car and have had ALL maintenance done, the service manager told us the transmission was going out but asked us to drive it to "see if it continued to slip while in reverse." The problem persisted so I dropped the car off at the dealership and the Service Manager stalled me for 2+ weeks before finally informing me they had no interest in satisfying me.

I have had the car looked at by another mechanic who tells me that the replacement transmission Saab put in was not a new transmission as I was told but was one either rebuilt or more likely recovered from a salvaged vehicle. If this is true, it was both deceitful and unethical to have charged me $1575 to have a used transmission installed in my car, especially one that would only last about a year.

To add insult to all this, when I picked the car up I noticed the dealership had put 220 miles on the car and used of a tank of gas. When I questioned the on duty manager about this he stated the service manager lived in Manassas and was probably driving it home to check out the problem. I could understand maybe 50 miles and tank to "test" it but 220 miles is abuse; especially when the problem was the reverse had gone out!

I am resigned to the fact that International Motors has no interest in standing behind their work as they are probably going out of business but abusing a customer's car by using it as an employee's personal vehicle is unacceptable by any business standards. I don't expect International Motors will act on, or even react to my complaints but I felt it my duty to bring this to everyone's attention that may consider using International Moters. This was my third Saab but I will never buy another one and I intend to publicize my story on every "complaint website" I can find. Dealing with International Motors has been the most distasteful automobile experience I have ever had.

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