Intermittent TPMS light (it's blinking) on 2005 Toyota Sequoia

My TPMS light started blinking a couple of days ago. Check all 4 tires and they are inflated to 33/34 PSI.
It could be a co-incidence, but, it started happening 15-20 minutes after I hit a pot hole pretty hard on I-94

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Many Toyotas that have a full size spare also measures the tire pressure of the spare ensure it has the correct tire pressure. It is often over looked. After that you need a scan tool to see that the sensors are reporting correct information and if a new sensor needs to be fitted the sensor needs to be initialized using a proper scan tool.
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I bet hitting that pot hole created some type of problem with one of the tire pressure sensors. You may want to take it to a shop that can read out the info for the sensors, and they can try re-calibrating the sensors.