Intermittent Power Windows on 2000 Pontiac Firebird

Driver's window will go down. Sometimes it will go all the way up, sometimes and couple of inches and stop. Sometimes an inch at a time. I traced an accompanying noise to the Express Module. Module allows for one-touch rolling down. I checked the switch and am getting voltage throught the switch. I've also replaced the circuit breaker. Is there anything else to check?

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It sounds like the window motor is failing on your 200 Pontiac Firebird. I would recommend you get some help to remove the window regulator and replace the motor. Your Firebird is one of the more difficult GM window motors to replace.
I replaced my window motor and the switch and still have the same problem!! Is there an electrical issue????
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got d same problem wasent d suitch i just put new motor window wish is like 45 bucks new