intermittent no start on 1992 Honda Accord

my car wont start sometimes when hot. seems like no spark when hot. someone told me it might be igniter or engine relay. what could it be?

by in Azusa, CA on May 03, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on May 03, 2010
Call Honda first with the VIN number of your car and see if there is a recall on the electrical portion of the ignition switch on your car. I have seen the main relay/fuel pump relay behind the dash fail pretty frequently but have also seen the ignition coil and igniter fail as well.
ANSWER by on December 08, 2010
i have a 92 honda accord lx, automatic tranny and i had the same problem. my car will not start during hot day and specially during short trips. i changed my main relay and it never did that again. id say replace your main relay because its a common problem with these accords
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