intermittent misfire on 2002 Honda CR-V

My CRV was diagnosed as #4 cylinder misfire.There is no telling when it will happen.Mechanic has replaced plugs.When it happens my engine will almost stall and engine light will flash.It will eventually stop after a few min. or when I restart the vehicle.

by in Brooklyn, NY on March 31, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on March 31, 2011
Look at the spark plug see if the plug is damaged, oil fouled, gas fouled ect... Is the injector firing? Next and this is important check the valve clearance so often over looked when servicing the CRV but seen them burn valves. If all else fails verify compression.
ANSWER by on March 31, 2011
For this vehicle, valve clearance is absolutely a very common source of misfire issues. By the time you get the misfire, damage could already be done with the heads and valves. Good luck though; hopefully we'd break the trend.
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