2003 Dodge Stratus Q&A

2003 Dodge Stratus Question: intermittent loss of cmp or ckp what do i need to do?

i had it hooked up to a OBD2 reader and it gave me 1391 code but the autoparts store had no idea what it meant. the car is jerking and keeps stalling when warm. -
Answer 1
Need further testing performed code doesen't mean parts are at falt. -
Comment 1
What other testing?I was told it needed a O2 sensor but nobody knows which one I guess there is 3 different ones in this car, then they changed t. Im so confused I dont know newer cars, im an older car gal lol -
Comment 2
Who scanned your car? Have another scan test write down all codes and post so we can help you. I am pretty much old school myself !! -
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Advanced auto scanned it and it came up with 1391 this time but I will try to get it read and get the codes on here so I can get your wisdom in helping me figure it out. Thank you. -
Answer 2
seek daig and est from a MECH not auto zone -