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2002 Toyota Corolla Question: Intermittent humming noise front passenger side

The humming starts out low & get progressively louder. It temporarely goes away at speeds above 40mph or if the brake is applied or steering wheel is jiggled or in making a turn. May at time not be heard for a couple of days then returns. -
Answer 1
Tough one.. I'm guessing that you have a wheel bearing failing. Does it 'get progressively louder' as speed increases or does it increase as time goes by, regardless of speed? Do you hear it when at standstill? Here's a directory link for you if you want to go to a shop: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=33444&car_brand_names=Toyota -
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I appreciate your response. I've been told that if it were a wheel bearing issue the noise would be there consistently. Is that true? The noise surfaces after driving the car for several miles (4-10miles )at lower speeds - around 30-40 mph. As I mentioned it seems to go away at speeds above 40mph. Not audible during highway driving. Thank you for any input. Schedule to take it in on Fri. - if we can duplicate the sounds. -
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This or a simular noise was present in my daughter's 2002 corolla LE and the mechanic change the main belt (serpintein?) pully & tensioner and fixed the problem. He charged me $400 for doing that and troubleshouting to find this problem. -
Answer 2
From what you describe I think it is a tire wear noise..... have them inspect the tires and the alignment...it may be remotely possible the blower motor has something lodged inside the fan cage, and that would be a noise that will be there even at idle. -
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Than you all. Turns out , as I suspected, to be the breaks . Driver's side was not releasing the tire to spin freely, thus the noise at the lower speeds. Replace both front calipers hoses & pads. Curious though, why there's a shhhh noise when applying brakes now? Some one suggested there's a break in period. Is that correct? -