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2004 Dodge Caravan Question: Intermittent electrical issues & engine quitting



filmactordave, 3.3L V6, Berlin, CT, April 26, 2011, 18:20

CD player occasionally goes on the blink, then magically starts to operate normally again; driver's side power window quit working for about a month, then began working again, and still does; driver's side power door lock - won't lock vehicle unless you push down and hold, then let back up ... if you just press it, nothing happens ... after repeated pressing, sometimes the doors will lock, then unlock (after one press)! ALSO - Sometimes the headlights seem to flicker, and on occasion the engine just dies (seemingly during turns) ... I've heard Dodge products are known for electrical issues ... anyone?

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    DaveJHM April 26, 2011, 22:39

    I know it sounds funny, but I can think of different issues for each of your concerns. I'm not thinking of too much that correlates with each other.

    The CD player is likely a stand alone issue - either a loose connection causing a power loss, or an internal failure. Does the radio work when the CD doesn't work?

    The window is likely an intermittent motor or switch issue.

    The door lock is likely a switch issue.

    The headlight is likely an overheating switch with a possible melted wiring connector.

    ...and all of this is purely an educated guess and largely speculative. Only testing will give you the real answers. Good luck.

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