Intermittent binding, pulling and tire squeal above 50mph on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

97 Laredo full time 4x4 drives fine until I reach around 50mph. Then I get a "binding" feeling and the wheel starts pulling intermittently (kinda hard) to the right. I also hear tire squeal while it is happening. I replaced tie rod ends, center and drag links, had an alignment but still happening.

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seek diag by a pro to determine issue
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Other possibility is a total failure of the wheel bearing. Need to have inspected and replaced if this is the cause. A completely failed bearing can lock up the wheel causing it to act as if the brakes are on that wheels only. This will 'drag' the wheel causing the squeal noises you are hearing and of course pull the vechicle in the direction of the offending bearing.
Have you had a professional look at it? Sounds like a drivetrain issue. Check axles, bearings, and front differential fir looseness and play.