Intermitent Starting problem on 2000 Chevrolet S10

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Over the last 5 months my truck has been having random starting problems. When I put the key in the ignition and turn the key to start it will start with no issues. I will drive the truck maybe 15-30 minutes then park the truck go do whatever I am going to do at this destination, which could be 5-10 mins, when I try to start the truck it wont start. I turn the key and all my dash lights and everything turns on, when I turn the key to actually start the truck everything in the instrument panel goes off, and the truck wont start. The only thing that is on is the service engine light. I can wait 5 mins and try to start and the truck starts with no issues. I have had the ignition switch replaced and a new battery and the alternator replaced, how can I check if the issue is the actual starter?
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If you can reproduce the problem, check for the power supply to the starter solenoid when the trying to start the vehicle. You should be getting 12 volts minimum.
Hi I have similar problem. Lucky I just noticed that it happened after I change the timing belt. It also loosing power, the car took an extra long time to accelerate. It turned out that the distributor need adjustment. Seems like the firing/timing was missed so the engine could not start. After the mechanic adjusted the distributor to the proper firing position (using tune-up kit) the problem disappeared.
Hope this will help.