Intermitent brake trouble on 2000 Plymouth Voyager

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Sometimes, usualy on down hill braking the brake pedal will sink halfway to the floor and the left wheel will start smoking a lot for a minute or so and it will be hard to stop.There is a smell of burning brake fluid,but when i dissassembled the brake calipers i cant see any evidence of leaks although I do have to add fluid from time to time.Should i switch the calipers?I also switched brakes on another plymouth voyager and have the same problem ,Is there something about the brake system on this model. PLEASE HELP I LIVE ON A MOUNTAIN
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Check the RIGHT caliper and pad mounting, there is a problem there somewhere! It's putting all the load on the left side! Also can cause pedal to travel more than it should. Look closley!!!
Thanks but why is it leaking fluid from the left caliper?
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How bad were the pads when they were replaced. Possible piston seal, from when the piston was collapsed.
Oh, so now you CAN see a fluid leak??? Note: brake fluid will boil-!!
See ya.
NO i cant see a leak,Iam just assuming it is because there is no wet areas on the lines or hoses,I guessing that with fluid missing and alot of smoke coming from the left front tire thatb fluid is going past the caliper piston straight to the hot rotor and burning off .But i dont understand why it happens just sometimes.You are obiviously one of those guys who dont read the whole question before you start answering SEE YA
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also could be rubber brake lines are bad
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