2002 Pontiac Firebird Q&A

2002 Pontiac Firebird Question: intermitant crank/no crank

intermittantly will not crank, will always start if I turn the key enough reciprocations. relay clicks, keyswitch had error codes, it was changed. -
Answer 1
You may have faulty starter motor in your 2002 Pontiac Firebird causing your intermittent no crank condition. -
Comment 1
forgot to mention the starter motor was replaced first, old starter motor tested on bench just fine, problem exactly same as before changing starter. -
Comment 2
My car did this and the dealer replaced the battery cable, it was corroded about 6-8 inches up the cable. Hasn't done this since, of course the battery cable and replacement was about $300 -
Answer 2
Mine had similar problem and it turned out to be the anti-theft circuit in the key. My key has small black slug with contact strip in center -