interior lights won't go off on 1999 Mercury Villager

interior lights won't go off unless fuse is removed, keyless lock entry doesn't work, front fan blower only works on high.

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OK start with the interior lights it could be your Door Jamb/Ajar Switch has failed available at $22 to $35 but there are 3 different switches available, Keyless lock might not work if the vehicle thinks the door is open (Door Jamb/Ajar Switch) Fan blower probably needs a blower motor resistor replaced. But start with the Door Jamb/Ajar Switch then tackle the other problems
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My 98 Ford Ranger has the light problem. The switch in the passenger door dose not engage. It sticks some times and i have put in LED dome lights to work in place. You would need to replace the switch for repired factory use.
okay...thanks for all the help, guys. Now, how does a guy like me "locate and identify" the Keyless Entry Receiver for my 1999 Mercury Villager. I've been told that this is more than likely the culprit, since the elec. door locks won't work either. Also how does one check the door jamb interior light switches??? and...locate and identify the Blower resistor for the front fan blower??? I'm not a mechanic by ANY means, although, I am somewhat mechanically inclined on most things...I'm also a poor boy, so I wanna try and fix these problems myself (if possible). Thanks ahead for any and all responses...I patiently await your replies!