Interior lights & door ajar stay on after extended alarm run. on 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I believe my alarm went off by itself and ran until battery dead, Afterwards all interior lights on & can't shut off as well as door ajar message. Please help.

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Just to follow up Bob -- the anti theft system is complex, but i'm thinking that it seems as if you have a door ajar switch that may be at fault. It's intermittently tripping your alarm, and causing your lights to stay on, as well as your door ajar message.

Something you can do before taking it in: lubricate all your door latches with an appropriate spray lubricant. Then, open and close your doors -- all of them -- a number of times. With any luck, one of your door ajar switches is sticking, and will free up from the lubricant and operation.

After that point, someone with a good diagnostic tool and electrical prowess does need to be involved. Good luck!
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This problem may not be manageable for a home mechanic due to the complexity of your car's electrical system. You need to take the car to a Ford or Mercury specialist or an auto electric shop. Sounds like a good job for an auto electric shop.
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