interior lights and access code on 2000 Lincoln Continental

I purchased this car and have no access code, how do i get one. The interior lights go on every 20-70 seconds and stay on for 20 secs. I have disconnected the battery to hopefully reset it and now it is worse. What can i do??

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The keypad code on the door -- the code is on a label possibly in your trunk around the hinge area or on a hinge. If not, a label is on the DDR (Drivers Door Module) - which is inside the drivers door. You would need to remove the door panel, find the module, and locate the sticker with the 5 digit code on it.

Alternatively, you can use a diagnostic tool to pull the existing code. It is listed as a readable parameter under the DDR module.

As far as the lights - you could have a shorted keypad on the door - when the interior lights light up, does the keypad light up too? If so, it is likely shorted. Or, you could have a door ajar switch failed, sending a signal that a door is open when it is not.