Interior lights on 1996 Buick Park Avenue

I took my car in to replace the lift actuator for the automatic trunk. When I got it back the mechanic informed me that the interior lights did not go off when he locked it up. So he pulled the fuse so it wouldn't kill the battery. I replaced the fuse, and sure enough... the lights stay on inside. After 10 mins they go off like they should but they are set to go off before that. I think it's about 25 seconds? Then when you press the lock button on the key fob... they should go off shortly then too... 10 mins... the unlock on key fob should turn on all the courtesy lights outside which includes the parking lights, headlights, and side lights for several seconds.. only the headlights come on.. and then go off very quickly. If I press the unlock button a bunch of times... randomly the parking lights will come on but again only for a few seconds. There is also a panel above the rear view mirror set into the ceiling which tells you if any of your outside lights are broken.. and the tail lights one is lit up even though my lights work fine. The fuse that was removed originally was reading fine on the tester as well as the new one but otherwise.. what's the issue?

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were they ok before the repair?? if so, return to the place and see if they have the old acuator and have them plug it in to see if everything returns to normal. if it does, then the new one is bad. if it does not, then there may be a pinched wire back there around the acuator. have them re check there work.

So, what's funny is yesterday I started the car to go to work and my tail light indicator was no longer lit up and the interior and outer lights were working like normal. I didn't do anything to the car. Gremlins maybe?? Lol this is truly odd but they work so I guess we shall see.