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2007 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: Interior Lights

2007 Grand Caravan. Van was sitting for a few months. All lights were working just fine prior to this. The lights over the front cabin area work when the doors open, lights over the power sliding doors dont work when opened. They do come on when manually operated (reading light mode). I checked all fuses that look like would be a fuse for it, none really labelled very obvious though. (Great Design, NOT!) Rotating dimmer all the way turns no lights on, none. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -
Answer 1
It really helps to have a wiring diagram to see how these specific lights are powered and what switches control them, but my guess is that the door switch may not be operating correctly. -
Comment 1
Door switch as in the auto door switch opener above the main cabin? Getting my hands on a wiring diagram might be difficult. -
Comment 2
I'm referring to the switch that tells you the sliding door in open, this switch may also operate the lights. You can try getting a diagram from one of these sites: http://bit.ly/Mitchell_DIY_Repair_Manuals or http://bit.ly/alldata_repair_manuals -
Comment 3
Alright thanks. The switch is probably on the inside of the door itself? May be just "gunked up" , ya that is a technical term, from sitting for a few months? Clean it up, maybe take it out of door and such? Thanks again -
Comment 4
Good to hear it was fixed. You never know with electrical issues, they can be really weird! -
Answer 2
Amazingly enough. I did the un-hook and re-hook the battery thing to re-set the "system" and it worked. I know WOW huh? So when all else seems lost or maybe even do it first, disconnect and re-connect the battery. -
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