1999 Honda Passport Q&A

1999 Honda Passport Question: Intake Manifold Repair $1200

I've been told that Honda sells intake manifold as a package and it costs around $1200 for parts & labor? Is this possible or a scam? -
Answer 1
sounds high. new manifold, lower, 455 gasket 25 labor 2.2 hours fluids/accessories 65 still a ways away from 1200. was there something else in the estimate?? Roy -
Comment 1
Check Engine Light code P0171 and PO174. Found leak in Vacuum control valve, intake manifold gaskets. They say that they have to replace the entire intake manifold, b/c Honda doesn't sell just the parts. Estimate for parts & labor $1200. -
Answer 2
Who told you that? -
Answer 3
What is the problem with the Passport? -
Answer 4
Then find a good independent repair shop. -