Intake manifold question on 2004 Ford Mustang GT

Mine has become a leaker, a common occurence for a 4.6 motor,I understand.I'll be using a new oem for replacement.Any kinks in doing this job? What torque do I use to reinstall the bolts?Thank you.

by in Huntington, NY on February 15, 2013
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ANSWER by on February 16, 2013
I believe the torque spec is 19 foot lbs,but honestly I use a small cordless impact that achieves the same result.Just make sure all is super clean before you go back together.
COMMENT by on February 16, 2013
Thank you kindly.Is there an online resource(no problem for me to pay for it) that has info such as bolt sequence,best procedure steps?
COMMENT by on February 16, 2013
COMMENT by on February 17, 2013
Thank you very much.
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