Toyota Camry Problem Report

Toyota Camry Intake Manifold Noise due to manufacturing defect

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The intake manifold makes rattling sounds when you depress the gas pedal. There is a manufacturing defect in the baffle that is loose inside of the intake manifold. The fix is to replace the intake manifold. -
rattling back of engine / loud when cold / toyota should sell at dealers cost -
It doesn't always occur but in my case, when it does, the baffle makes more of a clocking or clock ticking sound, directly dependent on rpm. -
Intake manifold rattling noise. I was told by the dealer the noise was from carbon build up and I paid $180 for an induction flush. The dealer called me after the work to tell me that the rattle was louder now and it was due to the intake manifold. Replacement would be $880. I was told it was not dangerous, only annoying so I didn't do the repair. -
Constant knocking sound, louder when accelerating. Very embarassing. Dealer charge for part $500 plus labor! Not fixed yet. Looking for better price. -
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