Chevrolet Tahoe Problem Report

Chevrolet Tahoe Intake Manifold Gasket May Leak Coolant or Engine Oil

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The intake manifold gasket may develop and external engine oil or coolant leak. In some cases, an internal coolant leak may occur causing coolant to mix with the engine oil. Our technicians tell us that operating the engine  with a coolant/oil mix can result in internal engine damage. Replacing the intake manifold gasket should correct these leaks.

our leak wasnt oil or coolant but air. The intake gasket was leaking to the outside when the truck was cold thus messing with its idle in cold say sub 45 degree weather. as soon as the motor warmed up and everything expanded it would seal and no leak=good driving. since we paid to have it replaced, no problems with it since. -
Coolant is low and leaking out the tailpipe (White smoke ) Oil is OK. Repair is being contemplated. This is the forth time in the last ten years! -
Intake manifold gaskets are known to leak engine oil or coolant. -
leaking exhaust manifold gasket. Motor sounds like a diesel with a sound like value chatter until it warms up at which time sound goes away. -
Replaced gaskets, leak still happens -
Loss of heat in winter. Found antifreeze in oil. Trying to find estimate on replacement of intake gaskets. -
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