Intake manifold gasket replaced - what other items should be checked/replaced? on 2000 Chevrolet Express 1500

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2000 - chevy 1500 express van 8cyl - what items should be checked/replaced when replacing the gaskets on the intake manifold for this vehicle. and how much extra should it cost and how many hours labor would be reasonable to charge for a entire job like this? I was charged $1500 total, with parts and 12hrs labor @ $65/hr and I want to make sure I wasn't ripped off? Thanks
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Then gaskets should be all you need if fuel spider assem.has been replaced.Not a bad price pretty big job on a van.
12 hrs labor seems excessive as far as I can tell from some local research? He also seemed to charge double the retain price on most parts that he installed??!! Is that normal? I'm okay with a mechanic making a far price, but I know they get a good discount on parts.... He also increased the estimated price by $300.00 without letting me know until I picked it up! They should have called me when they realized the price was increasing! He also replaced items without my permission! Gave verbal warranty, but nothing in writing...
Yes i agree they should have called before adding that much to the price. I am just saying the total price
in todays market aint that bad. It takes a good while to do don't know about 12 hrs. though.
Do you know this guy, i mean will he stand behind his work?