intake manifold gasket repair on 2000 Buick Park Avenue

You only listed exhaust manifold repair - I think I need an intake repair. What to do? The estimate given was over $850.00 ! help!

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It is 4 hours of labor plus the gasket set, which runs about $50.00. So lets say $95.00 per hour labor so that is $380.00 + $50.00 plus $20.00 coolant so that is $450. I have done this job, so I feel that this is a pretty decent estimate.
Thank you for this helpful explanation. Are you a business where I could bring my car in for the work?
I have this problem, too. Service bulletin #619176 was issued for this problem in 2007, I believe. If I take my car to an Oldsmobile Dealership, will they fix it for free?
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I read its a 6 hour job on shop rate time, it doesnt matter if someone does it in 4 hours. Anyway shop a around, independent shops are usually cheaper than a dealerships if they are not cheats. If you call around you will know if they are cheats in a short time. I called many places for a manifold repair only and prices ranged from $850 to $600 to $490 to $480 to $400. I went with the $400 because I know the guy does good work, He did my brakes before. Its a good idea to get the cooling system flushed because it may have oil in it and to change the themostat as it may be gummed with old oil. It also a good idea to change the oil , it may have water in it. It asls a good idea to get your tune up now because these defective gasket start leaking about 80,000 and you do your tune at 100k, it easier to do while the manifold is off, the back spark plugs are hard to get at if the manifold etc is on and all that over stuff, plus they are taking the throttle body off for the manifold repair, its a good time to clean it while it off for the manifold repair and that goes with a tune, so tell the shop all this stuff is easier to do while repairing the manifold and its has to come off for the manifold and see if you can get a discount because it charging twice for the same repair almost. I got the other stuff done for $275 plus $400 for the manifold equals $675 its cheaper than the dealer charging $850 for a manifold repair only and I got all the extras with it for less. Do your home work before a repair, it easy now if you have a computer, someone on the computer had this problem and posted it so I know.
I got ripper for $1300,, RTV sealent let anti freeze into the intake, needed to be done car would not run
$100 for a came sensor and $100 for installation of crank sensor,, one screw and one snap connector.
I asked them about this, I was asked not to come back, as itf I would ever use there service again