Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Intake Manifold and check engine light comes on

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Brought car to dealer to have 2 rear tires replaced. The check engine light came on a day two ago and I did not think much of it as the car has been in the garage and it had just had a Serice B or A... Dealer called to tell me that the check engine light was on due to a cracked intake manifold!! $2,100 thank you! -
Check engine light came on, started to burn oil, ran righ at start. -
Mercedes M272/M273 [V6 and V8] intake manifold fault, flapper controlling arm breaks causing car to hesitate and malfunction. Throws numerous codes and check engine light Mercedes dealer fix, replace the complete intake manifold. very expensive repair. DIY fix replace the control arm only and not the complete intake manifold, available from alternate sources[non-Mercedes]. -
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I am really upset... worked my whole life to finally enjoy a quality/superior car... at least t...
only 54,0000 miles,on my clk350. I took off from a light, gave it gas to pass a truck and boom...
I checked the gas cap its ok, I am late for my service b Oil looks good, could use a qt.

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