intake gasket replaced on 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I replace the intake gasket and other gaskets and now it sounds like ther is no compression and it don't fire sounds like its just winding out. What could be the problem?

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after installing the rocker arms again. the lifters are pumped up. they have to settle before centering . the valves are not fully closed. i generally keep cranking until it starts. when it does, it will run rough and then will settle down.

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With the engine cranking get a squirt can with motor oil in it and squirt oil along the edge of the manifold and gaskets you replaced see if oil gets sucked in. Ensure you have reconnected all electrical connections and hoses. Is there a Check engine light on once the engine starts and runs if so a scan tool will be required to retrieve the codes stored indicating where the problem is. You could try sparingly squirting carburetor cleaner into the intake manifold to see if the engine attempts to "fire" if it does you are lacking fuel, but I would first check for spark at the spark plug or ignition coil.