Instument Panel lights stay on on 2002 Saturn SL1

Instrument Panel lights - abs. security and service lights stay on and fuel gauge sometimes moves back and forth. Had it checked out and the problem is not with brakes. Can't take it to authorized dealer until Tuesday but need to make long trip before then. Is it safe to drive!

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No one can really truly answer whether or not it is safe to drive unless a diagnosis is performed to find out what is in fact malfunctioning.

For example, your warning lights and gauges malfunctioning could be a body control module issue, but it could also be a charging system issue causing low power to the instrumentation. If this is the case, you would not want to be driving your car.

Seek a qualified technician ASAP. Seems as if we missed your question earlier on Monday anyway; I hope you erred on the side of safety.
Thanks. We are taking the train and leaving the car at home.