Instrument panel partially works. on 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

On a 2002 Tahoe SSV, almost all the instrument panel gauges are dead. If the trip reset button is held down, they all work and show accurate information. After messing with one of the two plugs on the interior fuse panel, they worked. Unfortunately, they once again got glitchy after a few miles down the road. Now, I am unable to recreate the fix.
Also, the headlights come on without the switch (not DRL), and there is a loss of power from the motor. When the IP worked for that brief period, these two issues were also corrected.


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do u have an after market sound system put on? if u do check the wiring going from the fusebox to ur cluster, it seems like a short.
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I had the same problem.
Found a company called ( go to the web site. You can download the instrument panel removal instructions (very easy removal)
,he includes a paid usps shipping label, send the whole panel to him. About 1 week you get it back, cost about $ 240 but better than $750 a dealer
Quoted me. It works great and is guaranteed as long as you own the vehicle.
Did you ever get a resolution to this?
I just started experiencing the same problem with my 02 Tahoe.
Dead gauges.
Dead mirror Comp/Temp
Battery light in message center.
Replaced the alternator, still having problems