Instrument Cluster stopped working...all guages and dashboard signs... on 2002 Volvo V70

I've Volvo 2002 V70, 88,000 miles. Temperature gauge, fuel, speedometer,, LCD gauges all crapped. They stopped working. They sometimes comeback for 5-15 minutes and stop. Nothing is working on the dashboard. I would like to know if anyone had this problem with volvo...and how much it costed to fix. Thanks!

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Usually when I hear that only the Driver's Information Module (DIM) aka cluster, comes on then goes off after a few seconds, it tells me that there is a CANbus related issue with the DIM and the central electronic module CEM. I suggest getting to a Volvo specific dealer or independent then have them hook it up to VIDA (Volvo's special scan tool) to pull for codes. Usually it turns out to be the DIM itself. If you can't get to a Volvo shop then try a CANbus reset, by taking the two battery terminals out off the battery lugs then put the two battery positive and negative TERMINALS together for 10-30 seconds, then put everything back together. Hopefully it clears the "bug". Thank You, Sam
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Send the consul to European Electric!! For $150 they rebuilt & tested it. My mechanic install it and everything works great. I had no dash lights or gauges. Crazy electrical issues for many years. Hopefully this will solve them. Dealer was starting at $2500 for my kids old V70 wagon with 180,000 miles. European Electric was great explaining full refund (I paid on ebay) if they can not fix. 866-281-244 or 615-330-8279. Even if you have nutty electrical issues, I'd send it to them. The unit is easy to remove and you can still drive the car while you mail them the part.
Today I am very happy because I had the same problem. My car mileage was 109000, but I bought a used cluster that was close to that mileage for only $75. I hooked it up, but it didn't work-the car would start, but it did it show the mileage and the gauges would not work. Finally, I took it to the dealer and he programed the cluster for a total of $150 including software installation. All in all, it cost me only $225 and I am very happy.
same thing is happening to me. Bought a 2004 Volvo 4 months ago. 2 weeks after purchase all dash lights, some courtesy lights, door locks and windows wouldn't work. There was also no acceleration and shifting gears was rough. Had software updated and fuse replaced for $100 and it has happened again twice. I simply change out #23 and 32 fuses and we're fine. Annoying to deal with but afraid to pay hundreds of dollars.
we can repair and test. Google mrwhizard
We would have to scan the cluster to determine where the problem. th clusters can be rebuilt in some instqances..