instrument cluster lights will flash on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Intermittantly, while driving they will hear a chime (seat belt), the BRAKE and ABS lights will come on and the instrument cluster lights will flash

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Hi, were you able to get this issue resolved?
I am having the same problem. Anyone have an answer to this question?
same problem with my 06 chrysler pacifica.
Yes- I did get it resolved. Initially the mechanic thought it was the voltage regulator which is inside the alternator because with every accessory we put on the voltage would lower and radio would reset etc.. Not cheap. The ABS lights would come on because it takes so much ampage to run that system. Alt came out and tested fine. Tested same as the new Alt they were going to put in. So they reinstalled the original Alt. Come to find out the Alt in this Chrysler does not have the voltage regulator in it. The voltage is controlled by the computer board. $$$. Long story short: I had some corroded leads etc... at the battery. Problem fixed and cheaply!!!
We took our car to a mechanic for this problem, he said computer showed low voltage, changed the battery & it seemed to resolve the problem. The craziest thing I stumbled across, I changed the factory settings on the instrument panel & my ABS & break light started flashing again. I changed back to factory settings & no more problems!
Glad you came out cheaply too! Computers are a great thing but sometimes they can cause headaches. Make sure to keep you contacts clean on the battery. Mine really didn't even look
corroded but a good cleaning fixed the problem. If I listened to the other guy I would be out some
major bucks!