Instrument cluster light doesn't illuminate on 1995 Lexus ES300

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1. The Tachometer and odometer
light doesn't illuminate (light up)
2. Passengers door does open from the
outside (inside only)
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The passenger door lock issue requires removing the inner door panel to inspect the lock and linkages. Either lubricating the linkage and lock mechanism or replacing a plastic clip that fails that retains the linkage to the lock may be required. The clip is about $2.
When you say the tach and odometer do not illuminate. Check that the dash light rheostat is not turned fully clockwise (dim). If the bulbs are bad the instrument cluster needs to be removed to replace the bulbs. If the instrument needles are red and don't illuminate there are several companies that rebuild them cheaper than replacing the entire instrument cluster. I can forward you the name an address of a rebuilder if needed.