Installing fuel pump on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 3500

My van has sputtered while driving on several occasions. I've had to pat the accelerator repeatedly each time to coast it home. I purchased a fuel pump and would like to know if there are location and installation guidelines available. Could it also be something else? Thanks, cgjjad

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1 answer
1. Release fuel pressure.
2. Drain and remove fuel tank.
3. Note the direction of fuel nipples and electrical connector for assembly.
4. While holding the fuel pump module down, remove the locknut, (locknut is threaded onto tank). Use a brass drift to loosen the fuel pump locknut, if necessary. After the locknut has been removed release the fuel pump module and it will spring up from the fuel tank.
5. Remove the fuel pump module from the fuel tank, being careful not to bend the sending unit float arm.

Fuel Gauge Sending Unit And In-Tank Filter


1. Remove sending unit attaching screws from mounting bracket located on the side of the fuel pump reservoir.
2. Mark wires for installation, disconnect electrical connections from sending unit, and remove sending unit.


1. Connect the electrical connections to the sending unit.
2. Install sending unit onto the fuel reservoir, and tighten the mounting screws.


1. Pry back the fuel strainer mounting tabs and pull the strainer off module.

Fuel Gauge Sending Unit And In-Tank Filter


1. Snap the fuel filter onto the mounting tabs of the fuel reservoir.


NOTE: Locknut and gasket must be replaced, whenever the fuel pump module is serviced.

1. Wipe seal area of tank clean, and install a new seal on pump.
2. Install new locknut over top of fuel pump module.
3. Push fuel pump module into the tank, being careful not to bend the sending unit float arm, and hold with one hand while tightening the locknut with the other hand.
4. Install fuel tank assembly.
5. Using scan tool, place ignition switch in "RUN" position and use Actuate Output Test "Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay", to activate fuel pump and pressurize system.
6. Check for leaks.