install the new the switch commutateur interruptor i just purchased on 1997 Saturn SL2

i went to auto zone and the codes tht they received said that the commutateur interruptor switch needs repair but where is it located??

please help

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A switch commutateur interruptor is what allows the turn signal to blink while the brake pedal is being pressed down. Without it you need a separate bulb for the turn signals to work properly. It's located behind the steering wheel on most pre air bag cars. Not sure on an airbag car, but it should be simple to do. It's just a plug in item.
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These are not really valid terms. Do they mean the Crank Shaft Sensor? What was the code number and what is your car doing improperly?
no they mean the Switch Commutateur Interruptor which is the brake light switch located above the brake pedal if you follow the pedal upwards, you will see it but my question is how do I remove the old one to install the new one?
i recently replaced my clutch safety switch. aka commutateur interruptor. and my old switch had a cover that snapped on the top of the switch and that is also how the new one went on you may try that my truck is a ford but saturn may do something like that
I don't know I need to know where its located