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Chrysler Town & Country Front Legs For Third Row Seat Won't Retract

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The front legs for the third row bench seat may not retract. Our technicians tells us a new parts kit and/or spring is available to correct this concern.

mine isn't the spring. The cheap plastic piece on the end of the cable broke. Need to find a way to reattach the cable to leg. person posting above failed to mention WHERE he got the less than 100 part to repair. would be very helpful. -
I haven't fixed it yet, but I think I over-stretched the spring. After lifting up on the leg of the 3rd Row seat, I noticed the label that said - "Do Not Lift." Oops. Now the legs stick up about 1" when the rear seat is stowed. -
I bought new ss cable and replaced the cable myself rather than spend the 100+ to have them fix it. Great difficulty though. -
front legs of rear seat stick straight up in the air. Dealer quoted $540 to fix. It has been like this for a year now I want to sell vehicle so I feel it needs to be fixed -
New off the lot. Had this same problem. Dealer had to adjust front legs of third row seat. -
I have not had this fixed. Mine just happened this past weekend. I had the seat stowed, and when I went to put it back up, it wouldn't latch to the floor. When I laid it back down, the legs stayed up in the air. Now I have to put something on the legs to get them to stay flush with the floor. -
My problem was that the legs for the third row seat wouldn't fold down into the rest of the seat assembly. They stick up unless I lay something on them. I looked into getting it fixed but was quoted a $500 repair estimate. They said there was a 'technical' notice out about this, indicating it was a common problem. -
rear seat legs will not retract -
The legs stay up like he cable is broken. -
back right seat occasionally will not close. We try not to use it because one day it will not close for good -
3rd row legs will not retract, need to bring to dealer for repair. Out of warranty time, so I will have to pay... -
Fold down rear seat the front legs on the seat do not retract and sticking straight up. Must be held down with a plastic cable tie -
Legs on the larger rear seat will not fold down. Smaller seat has no problem yet. -
Third seat legs stand straight up -
Third seat front legs will not retract when seat is lowered. These vans are just junk. I've owned 3 of them now and each time, I promise myself I will not buy another...I am going to a Honda Odyssey. -
Small plastic anchor for cable on 3rd row driver side seat's front leg failed. -
Fold down legs of 3rd row seat stick up in the air and will not stay down unless weighted down. Do lock when seat is raised to upright position. -
Springs on 3rd row "stow-n-go" seats got stretched. Legs won't retract fully when seats are stowed flat. -
I have the exact same problem. First the legs didn't go flat in the stow and go position and now I cannot get the seat to latch properly. I have 4 kids and need that seat. Its just not safe anymore!! -
rear seat will not latch after we try to open it from the stow and go position. -
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