Front Legs For Third Row Seat Won't Retract on Dodge Grand Caravan

The front legs for the third row bench seat may not retract. Our technicians tells us a new parts kit and/or spring is available to correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 100,076 (34,000–175,000)
7 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010, 2011
20 people reported this problem
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Where can I buy parts kit to repair this problem?
cable end broke - legs won't retract
Rear 3rd seat front legs won't stay down, will investigate and get back
I replaced my plastic end piece connector with a ¾ inch square pipe, cut also to about ¾ of an inch. A slightly smaller square pipe might fit in the small space better. It needs to be a strong enough pipe to handle the spring tension of the cable. I used a discarded chair frame. I drilled a hole on one surface of the pipe, centered, just big enough to fit over the connector on the leg which has a fat end (looks like the hammered end of a nail). Then on the same side as the hole, I used a metal saw to slice a groove big enough for the cable to slide into it only about an 1/8 inch or so on the 2 opposite sides. In other words, you will saw totally through the one surface centering the cut through the center of the hole and only a small amount will cut into the other 2 surfaces. To assemble, you will need to unhook the spring so you have enough cable slack to insert the cable into the groove you just cut. Then you can slip the drilled hole end over the connecting rod on the chair leg. Refastening the spring is easier with the chair almost set up while holding the legs in. I ground mine down some where needed to fit but mine works great and cost nothing.
I have the same problem. The plastic swivel fitting that retains the cable broke. I'm not spending $120 for a whole new cable kit; will need to improvise a new fitting.
plastic clip that holds cable end to steel peg to retract front legs when folding seat down broke! Where do I get a replacement and only the clip without the whole cable? Should have made this a strong metal due to the amount of strength it needs to pull!!
the same problem...legs for 3rd row wont retract as before
Not fixed yet, also hook on bottom snapped.
Have had this vehicle coming up on 3 years. Tested the seats once, used them down a couple of times, and everything worked fine. The next time the legs would not go down when the seat was flat, but will lock properly to hold the seat up when it is a seat. After research on a couple of Caravan fansites I bought a luggage strap, but still haven't put it on. I just put weight on the legs to keep them down.
Plastic part that holds end of cable broke. Will try to obtain parts kit.
Front legs won't retract. A piece of hard plastic that latches closed is broken. Cable linkage and springs appear to be fine.
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