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2003 Acura CL Question: install a transmission cooler

i would like to install a transmission cooler on a 2003 acura cl 3.2. no cooler lines to the radiator. no obvious lines to use. thanks -
Answer 1
I think that is why Acura transmissions were failing around that era but I think you would have to have go to a transmission shop and see if they had any ideas. -
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called a few transmission shops they said bring it in and they should be able to help. in other words they have never seen one and never added a cooler. i will not be the first customer. i think they gave me some used grass from a bull. -
Answer 2
Hi, did you ever find a way to get a cooler installed in your Acura? I too would love to do it. Thanks, Ray rraypo@hotmail.com -
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hello ray, only thing i have found so far is a addative that takes the surface tension away from coolant/water. says engines will run cooler by water/coolant coming in contact with metal and dissipating heat. check napa,o'rileys and parts store. -