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Volkswagen Passat The Water Pump May Fail Which Could Result in Expensive Engine Repairs

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The water pump may fail resulting in engine overheating and possible timing belt damage. Overheating and/or timing belt failure can result in very expensive engine repairs. As a precaution, it is recommended to inspect the timing belt and water pump at regular intervals.

we have had a water pump replaced 3 times since we bought our car 1.5 years ago -
Engine overheats after 20 minutes of driving. Water level is still full -
I had to have the water pump replaced at my local mechanic shop. The original part was cracked and one of the gaskets was warped, allowing the liquid to seep out. The part is supposed to be covered by warranty, but since I had to have the work done locally, rather than at the dealer, I will have to pay for the labor costs. I guess that is the price you have to pay when you live 60 miles from the dealer. To have it towed to the dealer would have cost me about $300.00. Interestingly, my mechanic looked up the issue on the internet and found that this problem is called a "ghost leak" as it comes and goes, thus making it very difficult to find. Bill Hartling -
Coolant Warning Appeared , coolant was dripping from underneath. Took it to the dealership, water pump was busted, and cam shaft seal was broken, a $1500 fix, my car hasn't moved ever since. -
water pump failed,ripped off timing belt. had to replace engine; 2 weeks later transmission failed. -
Coolant light went on, stopped to buy and then poured new coolant in, 10 mins later, coolant warning again. Took it to our repair shop and it turns out that the water pump failed. Replacement cost $950. Then, after they replaced and tested pressure, error codes pointed to a secondary pump issue and problems with a leaky seal. Revised repair cost, now $1380. Problem seems solved, but Check engine light can't be cleared! -
Water pump leaked onto timing belt. The water pump had to be replaced and a new timing belt kit installed. -
Check engine light came on, lost power - engine code check showed it was placed in "limp" mode - reducing power. Apparently water pump was failing (though no engine overheating) and damaged camshaft. Total cost $3,687! This will impact my future choices in cars - probably not a VW again (I have three VWs now). -
Coolant leak, diagnostic proved water pump to be defective -
the timing belt locked up it has been replaced however the car still won't start -
Sensor came on to check coolant, when I checked it was empty. Had to have car towed to dealer and am being told the water pump needs to be replaced. -
Stop light came on for check coolant. My mechanic said water pump is leaking so needs to be replaced and recommends timing belt also. Fix 1,300 2001 VW Passat V6. Just fixed valve cover gaskets it never ends! -
Replaced motor in 2013, drove the car for six months and water started leaking from water pump. So I stop driving it, and started looking into the reason my car leaked water the way it done. -
Replace pump and timing belt -
Water pump went out, then heat coil busted, they said it will cost over $1,000 to fix -
Water pump went bad, started leaking. Dealer fixed it as it was under warranty. -
Water pump failed and was replaced,also a new timing belt was installed at the same time, but 2 days later oil began to leak from what appeared to be the crank shaft. When it was checked there was oil on the timing belt. It was also a milky looking substance that the mechanic said was oil and that water had mixed with. He said that the head gasket and cylinders were damage. I wanted to know if this sounds like a accurate diagnosis by the mechanic and what has to be done. -
wife driving, big, bad noises and alerts. Had to be towed and fixed water pump and put on new timing chain while at it. Cost around 900 bucks. -
Need to change it-- dealer is quoting about $1800. Private is quoting $700 for timing belt, tensioner, 2 roller bearings, coolant, and waterpump. -
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