GMC Yukon Denali Problem Report

GMC Yukon Denali Inside/Outside Door Handles May Break

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The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

outside drivers side handle broken, dealer says this is a common problem and is not covered by GM. The handle is plastic, expected more from the Denali edition. -
Both the driver side and driver side rear have broken. -
Interior driver door handle broke off. I replaced it myself with a kit from ebay. -
3 out of 4 handles have brown in last year on Yukon and now my Denali pickup just broke front pass door handle -
repaired Thru factory the first time. it broke again and again until finally I replaced it with a makeshift door opener. These are the inside door handles and they break very easily -
My 2008 GMC Yukon Denali has had 4 outside door handles break so far. GMC and dealer will do nothing for me. -
Had door handles replaced. This happened on several occasion with different door handles. -
driver side handle cracked gm will not fix it -
Outside door handles loose and falling off. They feel cheap and are only glued on?!? Problem started in rear door where child gets in and out, but now happened in 3 out of the 4 doors. -
Passenger side outside door handle broke -
My outer drivers door handle broke and I waited as long as possible to get this fixed. It costed about $120.00 and than about 1 wk later after I got it fixed the inside drivers door handle broke. This costed me $350.00!!! Absolutely ridiculous!! -
both inside door handles are broke in the rear doors -
outside passenger door handle is broken! -
inside door handle broke -
Driver side and rear door -
Inside passenger handle broke, replaced with new and better reproduction. Cheap and easy repair. -
I have had to replace the exterior driver side door handle twice now once at about 70,000 and again at around 120,000 miles. I would highly recommend buying a replacement part online/eBay and install yourself or bring to local mechanic shop. Overall it will cost you a quarter-half as much as you would at GMC dealership. -
door handles break -
Outside door handles break loose from inside support bolts. Not fixed yet. -
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