Cadillac Escalade Problem Report

Cadillac Escalade Inside/Outside Door Handles May Break

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The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

upon opening my drivers door I aparantly pulled a little too hard and the handle snapped appears the clip fail inside the door that i need to repair it but i dont know how to remove the door panel. someone on earth please give me the best instructions on how to remove it. -
the door handles on 3 doors have broken -
Drivers door handle broken, front right passengers broken and left rear handle broken. You telling me this is not a defect? -
Left Passenger door handle broke. -
Outside door handle break. Had to replace three of my door handle. The Handle are made of plaste. I reported it to Cadillac official site. Waiting to see what they are going to do! -
Rear driver side door is about to come off completely with a few more tugs at it! -
Four handles in 4 years...Doors too heavy for a plastic handle -
My door handles have probably broke 5 times since I have had my Escalade, they need to be steel or metal door handles not plastic -
i have had to replace each door handle 3 or more times, i have now resorted to getting them off salvage vehicles. two are currently broken now, because its appox $150 to replace just one at a dealership, wish there was a long term solution. cadillac classifies this as normal wear and tear but that is equal to about 14 or more door handles now in 8 years, sounds like a bigger problem at hand to me. -
Door handle broke. Went to dealer for repair. Broke again. -
Rear outside door handles broken -
outside driver door handle flops free, does not engage mechanism to open door. was told it would be $300+ to fix. already had 2 other door handles repaired (under warranty) -
All but the rear drivers side door handles are broken and sticking out/away from the truck. I have attempted twice to have Cadillac address the issue only to be told there is nothing we can do both times Chuck S. -
Door handle broke. Had to replace. -
the back door I have my truck get stuck you have to push the night back in when you get out of the truck. -
Front outside passenger door handle broke, hanging on by cable..... Not fixed hoping Cadillac would do it! -
The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking. -
Left rear (drivers side) outside door latch pulled away from body of vehicle. Broken. :( -
Driver side exterior door handle broke. -
All four door handles have had to been replace at four different times and the passenger front handle replacement just broke again. -
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The inside door handles are prone to breaking.
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