Inside/Outside Door Handles May Break on Cadillac Escalade

The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

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Average mileage: 95,189 (8,000–200,000)
11 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
120 people reported this problem
73 people shared problem details
upon opening my drivers door I aparantly pulled a little too hard and the handle snapped appears the clip fail inside the door that i need to repair it but i dont know how to remove the door panel. someone on earth please give me the best instructions on how to remove it.
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the door handles on 3 doors have broken
Drivers door handle broken, front right passengers broken and left rear handle broken. You telling me this is not a defect?
Left Passenger door handle broke.
My door handles have probably broke 5 times since I have had my Escalade, they need to be steel or metal door handles not plastic
Outside door handle break. Had to replace three of my door handle. The Handle are made of plaste. I reported it to Cadillac official site. Waiting to see what they are going to do!
Rear driver side door is about to come off completely with a few more tugs at it!
i have had to replace each door handle 3 or more times, i have now resorted to getting them off salvage vehicles. two are currently broken now, because its appox $150 to replace just one at a dealership, wish there was a long term solution. cadillac classifies this as normal wear and tear but that is equal to about 14 or more door handles now in 8 years, sounds like a bigger problem at hand to me.
Four handles in 4 years...Doors too heavy for a plastic handle
Door handle broke. Went to dealer for repair. Broke again.
All four outside door handles on my 2007 Caddillac escalade are separating from the door. Since this seems to be an issue with this model, why has Caddillac not issue a recall?
The chrome on door handles peeling so sharp been cut several times as well as outside door handles on back are falling off
My rear passenger ext. door handle has came apart from my truck.
I have replaced of mine.
Has happened to every door on my Escalade, I've glued them back on numerous times. This time it was my passenger door and it came off completely the the window made a terrible sound when being rolled down and then the inside handle will not work.
Driver side outside handle flops around. Inside door handle still works fine.
Had to fix almost all of my door handles at some point
Outside passenger side rear door handle is coming off
Rear outside door handles broken
outside driver door handle flops free, does not engage mechanism to open door. was told it would be $300+ to fix. already had 2 other door handles repaired (under warranty)
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The inside door handles are prone to breaking.
any ideas instead of a dealership ad pay a ton of money for a door handle
the key entry to my door has pushed back when i put my key in the the whole lock is...
I have the barn style doors and the door handle for the driver side one has broke. It is not a exterior door handle, it is on the inside door jam. You have to open the right side first to see the...

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